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Real Estate Info Boxes
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Iron Sign Holder

Info Box

Only $23.95 each

Thermoformed from clear
25 ml plastic
Fully Recyclable
Self Contained Snap Back Lid
Holds Approximately
200 - 8-1/2x11 Flyers

Option 1
Use the enclosed screws to install the info box on any wood post. Make sure to apply the screws through the upper AND lower holes as illustrated.

Option 2
To use the enclosed permanent locking cable ties, thread through the pair of holes located at the top AND the bottom of the info box, wrap cable ties around a pole or post and thread one end of the cable tie through the open end, then pull tight.

Peel Back and Affix "TAKE ONE" decal as shown.

NO volume discounts available on this product

Iron Sign Holder

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